as ununu is in its early beta stages, there are some limitations to the software as well as suggestions to ensure the best possible collaborative experience for you and your partners.

back up your work

this is a beta product and is certain to contain some bugs and unexpected behavior. please remember to backup your projects locally if it's something you simply cannot lose.

mac OS

ununu is currently only available for Mac. we are currently testing our windows experience and hope to have a release soon.

ableton live 10

we cannot guarantee compatibility with earlier versions at this time. for best results, you and your collaborators should be using the same version of Ableton (e.g. 10.1.13).

no 3rd party plug-ins

using plug-ins that other collaborators don't have access to may cause compatibility issues with your project. stick to Ableton's stock plug-ins or bounce them as tracks and re-add to the session as an audio file.

keep it simple

the current version of ununu can only support files smaller than 100MB in size. we're working to increase this, but for now please keep your projects within this limit.